Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Dewar Book

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The Dewar Book
IS Sold Out
" Dewar,-- Tracing Our Family Tree,
County of Glengarry Ont. "
By Donald Keith Dewar, Thorold, Ontario. 5th Edition 2005, illustrated with about 135 photos, maps, etc., soft cerlox comb binding, 110 pages, no index.

Check out this web site for an earlier version of the Dewar book

Sylvain Desforges at e mail dyca[at]videotron.ca is looking for 2 copies of the Dewars of Glengarry

State price include shipping and condition of book when you
contact Sylvain directly if you can assist him with this request. Thank you AWF

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Friday, 9 April 2010

History of Glengarry,

For Sale

History of Glengarry

History of Glengarry, by Ewan Ross & Royce MacGillivray, 1979

published by Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, Ontario 1979, ISBN 0-919303-32-3, illustrted, 709 pages, with maps on inside of front & back cover, jacket in fine condition except at corners which shows wear. This could be of a 2nd printing. On checking the internet for this book, I found 14 references between C$63.00 & C$273.00 4/9/10
Very serious enquiries only accepted.

My asking price is $89.00 Can or $95.00 US shipping included

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