Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dalkeith Ontario History Society new Publications

Dalkeith Bicentennial Heritage Cookbook, size 6x8.5, 100 p,
Dalkeith Bicentennial Heritage Booklet 2011, size, 8.5x11, 40 p, illustrated
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Monday, 23 May 2011

"The History of Maxville and the Community"

"The History of Maxville and the Community" 2011 reprint
The Glengarry District Women's Institute have reprinted the 45 year old book
"The History of Maxville and the Community" which includes Athol, St. Elmo, Dominionville as well as the history of 32 prominent men.

The book has 93 pages of info on pages - both sides. We added an index and the copyright info page as well as an afterword at the end. No illustrations or photos. It is the normal 81/2x11" format with black coil rings.

We didn't set up any payment plan so people ordering from 'away' need to mail a cheque made out to the 'Glengarry District Women's Institute.'I would mail them out individually as I found to mail two together cost over $13.00 for postage.

Their cheques/orders should be sent to me Susan Robertson
21672 Concession 3 Rd.,
Bainsville, ON K0C 1E0
or order through my email and send the cheque by snail mail.

We only printed 125 copies and 40 are gone now so it seems to be a success. It is a fund raiser for the Women's Institute but I felt it is so full of info that the book should be again in circulation.
It is available from me Susan Robertson 613 347-2935 and e mail sumac @ for $12.50 plus postage and handling of $4.00.

Thanks for your interest.
Sep 1971 - Sep 2011 Alex W Fraser & Rhoda Ross preserving Glengarry County Area History

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

St Andrews Presbyterian BMD Williamstown name index for the years 1805 - 1834

St Andrews BMD Williamstown index 1805-1914
Cat # 2124 

the 2nd volume of St Andrews Presbyterian BMD Williamstown name index for the years 1805 - 1914

inclusive ------  ISBN 978-0-921307-73-0
containing about 5760 entries under the following headings

Surname Christian Middle Father Mother Year Date Bapt date Spouse Location item Ref Notes
Not all categories have information as per this sample

Wright John 1810 Christian McRae Charlottenburg M25 SAWM mar'd 11/27/1810

This is read as follows---

M25 1810 John Wright married Nov 27 1810 Christian McRae,  he of Charlottenburg in St Andrews Presbyterian Church Williamstown    SAWM

Wright Pauline David Wright Tamar Burrett 1807 Jan 8 3/15/07 Cornwall B27 SAWM
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