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Glengarry County Area books of interest - updated

Here is a list of some of our duplicate Glengarry County and area book titles we have for sale.  updated  12/30/15

All in pretty good condition, If interested Contact us at  .. jars924@me.com or Tel # 1-866-517-2113 or       250 338 6334   On a 1st come basis.  Require Location and postal code to determine shipping costs both for Canada and the USA.

Free shipping on orders over $80.00

payment options see below;

Alexandria High School 1894 - 1954, 1981 Reunion, SC, 75 pages, lots of photos

---- All's Fair, by Ruth D Mowatt, SC, ca 1980. $19.50 with  shipping image All's Fair

Argenteuil Quebec & Prescott, Ontario The History of the Counties of, by C Thomas 1981 HC, reprint, 700 pages,  $69.00 shipping included  image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/353099918116711/?type=3&theater

---- Breadalbane Baptist Church History 1816-1991, 32 p, illustrated, 1 copy  $7.50 + shipping  image  Breadalbane Baptist Church History

---- The Campbells and other Glengarry-Stormont and Harrington Pioneers, SC, 1983, ISBN 0969137907 by Robert B Campbell, 600 p.,  image  $85.00 with shipping The Campbells and other Glengarry-Stormont and Harrington Pioneers   see also http://usednewglengarryareabooks.blogspot.ca/2013/09/the-kings-royal-regiment-of-new-york.html

Canadian Folk-Life and Folk-Lore by William Parker Greenough, HC, 1971, 210 pages, 1897 reprint, $20.00 with shipping

Cemeteries & Cemetery Recording, 1974, SC, by K C Collins, 8 pages

---- Charlottenburgh Front 1784-1984 Bicentennial program booklet, 1984, 26 pages, 5.5"x8.5"  1 copy $5.00 + shipping   image Charlottenburgh Front 1784-1984 Bicentennial program

The Chief is a Lady, SC, by William F Rannie, 1980, 30 pages, with some photos.

Clan Donald Magazine #6 1975, SC, 105 pages
Clan Donald Magazine #7 1977, 120 pages, 3 copies

Country Fairs of Ontario, Grace Deutsch, SC, 229 fairs listed, 1979, some photos, $10.50 with shipping

---- Dalkeith Bicentennial Heritage Booklet, Our Land, Our Heritage, 2011, SC, by Dalkeith History Society, $7.50 + shipping   image  Dalkeith Bicentennial Heritage Booklet   AVAILABLE

Dear Meg, by Elthea Lightbrown, A taste of highland Heritage for the McCuaigs, 1990, HC with jacket, 110 pages, with some photos

---- Discovering Canadian Series Lectures 1974-75, Lyall Manson, Douglas Hunter, Ewan Ross, SC  $10.00 with shipping  image Discovering Canadian Series Lectures   AVAILABLE

Donnelly Album, the,  Complete and authentic account illustrated with photo of Canada’s famous feuding family, by Ray Fazakas, 1977, SC, 315 pages, ISBN 0771597851, 1 copy $17.50 with shipping

---- Draft the Gaels  by Lauchlin MacInnes 1991, about 20 p, 1 copy $5.50 + shipping Draft the Gaels

Eastern Ontario, Bowerings Guide to, A Cultural and Historical companion, SC, ISBN 1550820516, 320 pages, with some photos, autographed.

The Empire of the St Lawrence, by Donald Creighton, 1956, HC with jacket plastic protected, 442 pages, 

Fairy Folk, Children’s stories by Rhodes C M Grant, SC, ca 1980, about 50 pages, illustrated 

Faith is Our Strength, The Story of St Columban’s Parish 1829-1993, Cornwall, ontario, by Rolland C Fobert, HC, 240 pages with photo,  image  https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/401584499934919/?type=3&theater

From Lachine to Grand Portage, The N W Indian Trade, 1993, Ian Bowering, SC, 26 pages

The Glengarry Historical Society Annual, SC,  http://glengarrycounty.com/glenlife.html
2nd Annual 1962-63, SC, 22 pages, a photocopy
3rd Annual 1963-64, SC, 20 pages, a photocopy,
5th Annual 1965-66, SC, 72 pages, 2 copies
6th Annual 1966-67, SC, 34 pages, a photocopy, 2 copies
10 Annual 1970-71, SC, 42 pages, 
11th Annual Vol 1971-72, 50 pages, some illustrations
12th Annual Vol. 1972, SC, 30 pages
13h Annual Vol. 1973, SC, 48 pages
14th Annual 1974-75, SC, 42 pages
15th Annual 1975-76, SC, 24 pages, 2 copies

1976, 24 pages
1977, 24 pages
1978, 24 pages
1979, not issued
1982, 20 pages
1983, 24 pages
1984, 24 pages, 
1985  2 copies, 24 pages
1986, 28 pages, 
1987, 32 pages
1988, 31 pages
1989, 36 pages
1990, 28 pages
#30 1991, 42 pages
#31 1992, 34 pages
#32 1993, 34 pages
#33 1994, 34 pages
#34 1995, 34 pages
#35 1996  2 copies, 30 pages
#36 1997, 20 pages

Glimpses and Glances of Dickinson Landing, by Leonard A O’Dette, 1982, SC, 344 pages with some photos, 2 copies,   image  https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/390503207709715/?type=3&theater

Highland Heritage by Grace Campbell, 1962, HC with jacket, 256 pages with some photos, image https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/336959866397383/?type=3&theater

The Highlands & Islands of Scotland in Colour,  by Jenny Carter, HC, 1983, ISBN 0713438258, with photos, 65 pages.

---- History of Maxville and the Community, by Maxville Women's Institute, 1967.  Contact Susan Robertson Bainsville, Ontario  image History of Maxville and the Community 

---- A HISTORY OF ST. ANDREWS UNITED CHURCH THE ROUND CHURCH, DALHOUSIE MILLS, 1841-1991, $15.00 + shipping  image https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/393922010701168/?type=3&theater  1 copy AVAILABLE

---- The Hooples of Hooples Creek HC by Elizabeth Hoople 1967
Image &  more info  http://www.glengarrycounty.com/hooples67.html

---- Horse and Buggy Days in Martintown 1900-1940 by Rhodes Grant 1976, HC, autographed, illustrated with photos, $18.00 +  shipping Horse and Buggy Days in Martintown 1900-1940  1 copy AVAILABLE

---- House of Ontario by Royce MacGillivray $10.00 + shipping  image House of Ontario

One Hundred Thousands Welcomes, The Story of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall 1890-1990, by Msgr Rudolph Villenuve, SC, 290 pages, with photos, autographed, image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/358771897549513/?type=3&theater

Inheritance, Ontario Century Farms Past & Present, HC, with jacket, 1979, by John and Monica Ladell, with some photos, 275 pages, $10.00 with shipping

The Kennedys-MacDiarmids, McDermids, Munros and other Glengarry Stormont Pioneers, by Robert B Campbll & Douglas McDermid, 1986, HC with jacket, ISBN 0919303994, 616 pages with photos & charts,    image https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/357638224329547/?type=3&theater 

Kenyon Agricultural Society,  100 years, HC, 1989, ISBN 096938730X, by Centennial Committee, lots of photos, about 190 pages, 4 copies,   image  https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/389456627814373/?type=3&theater
The Kirk in Glengarry, by Donald N MacMillan, ca 1984, HC with jacket,  475 pages, with some photos, image  https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/361384393954930/?type=3&theater

---- A Short History of The Glen Sandfield United Church 1880-1975 by C Campbell Fraser, SC, 8.5x11, 42 p., 1 copy available  $8.50 + shipping image

John Sandfield MacDonald, by Bruce W Hodgins, HC with jacket, 145 pages,   image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/382012121892157/?type=3&theater

---- Jonas Wood UEL, by Elizabeth Hoople, SC, size 6x8, 36 p,  image $7.50 + shipping Jonas Wood UEL

Leeds County Cemeteries, SC, 1976, Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society, 9 pages, 4 cemeteries namely Plum Hollow Baptist, Jelly’s Cemetery, Rowsome Place, Staffords

Lochinvar to Sky 1794-1987, by Madeline McCrimmon & Donaldson R MacLeod, 1988, SC, 640 pages, green cover, lots of photos.  image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/341682579258445/?type=3&theater

Lunenburgh or the Old Eastern District Index of Names from, by Lyall Manson, SC. 1975, 52 pages, 2 copies 

----  The MacLeods of Glengarry 1793 - 1993, Revised edition, edited by Madeleine McCrimmon, HC, ISBN 09697345, 525 pages with photos, image 1 HC copy available  $50.00 + shipping  MacLeods of Glengarry

MacLeods of Drynock & Glengarry 1600-1988, by Donald McLeod, SC ca 1980’s, 40 pages

---- The Story of Martintown, A Pioneer Village by Rhodes Grant, 1974, HC, autographed, illustrated with photos, $28.00 & $12.50 shipping  image     1 copy available, 1 copy SOLD  11/12/15 The Story of Martintown,

Magnificient Gael, by Reginald B Hale, SC, 1975, 210 pages, some photos, 1 copy  $20.00 with shipping, autographed

Memories of Newington and History of Stormont County Fair, 1867-1987, by Anniversary Committee, SC, 144 pages, illustrated & with some photos

---- Any Verb At All At Maxville High School, SC, by Lauchlin MacInnes, size 5.5x8.4, 90 p, some illustrations, I copy for sale, $13.00 + shipping image Any Verb At All At Maxville High School

---- Memories of Students and Staff Williamstown High School 1900-1954 & Char Lan District High School 1954-1994, SC, 6x9, 202 p, $30.00 + shipping  image Memories of Students and Staff Williamstown High School 1900-1954

---- Mind of Ontario by Royce MacGillivray $10.00 + $9.00 shipping  Royces books  images http://glengarrycounty.com/royce.html

The Mythology, Traditions and History of MacDhubhsith, MacDuffie Clan, Lives of our Fathers Vol.3,4,5, The Dispersal, The Pioneers, by Earle Douglas MacPhee, SC, 80 pages each volume, 

Newington Osnabruck Stormont County 1826-1987, History and Hearsay, 1989, by Annie E Webber, SC, 135 pages, 

Ontario, An Informal History of the land and its people, SC, 1982, 50 pages with photos, ISBN 0774389591  image  https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/622320674527966/?type=3&theater

Our Family Roots, Genealogy of our Campbells, Munros, Munroes, and Grants, by Vera C Reid, SC, ca 1980, 139 pages

Ontario Historical Society Annual Meeting 1984 proceedings, SC, edited by D Carter Edwards, 125 pages, some illustrations.

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles, by Ronald Hutton, HC with jacket, 1991, ISBN 0631172882, 400 pages, illustrated, $22.00 with shipping

The People of Glengarry, Highlanders in Transition 1745-1820, by Marianne McLean, 1991, HC with jacket, ISBN 0773508147, 285 pages with some photos,  image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/334088796684490/?type=3&theater

Postscript to Adventure, Autobiography of Ralph Connor, SC, ISBN 077102228X, 450 pages.

---- I Remember Glengarry, by Rose Gourlay Gosse 1978, $15.00 + shipping  image I Remember Glengarry  2 Copies AVAILABLE

---- Reflections of Monkland and District, HC, 1985, by historical society, with many photos, $90.00 with shipping  image Reflections of Monkland and District,

---- Bicentennial of Salem Church 1787-1987, SC, 20 p, $7.50 + shipping, image 8.5x5.5, Bicentennial of Salem Church 1787-1987

---- Shadow of Tradition by Carrie Holmes MacGillivray, HC, 1945, 7.50 + shipping  image Shadow of Tradition  UNAVAILABLE TILL FURTHER NOTICE

---- St Andrew's Williamstown 1787-1987, A History, SC $10.00 + shipping   image St Andrew's Williamstown 1787-1987 1 copy AVAILABLE

---- St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Martintown 1875-1975-2075, by Rhodes C M Grant, SC, 46 p, 1 copy, $7.95 with shipping image,   St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Martintown 1875-1975-2075

---- The Story of the Old Stone Church, St Andrews Presbyterian Church, South Lancaster, Ontario, SC, 1980, by Ella May Smith, 75 p, 3 copies for sale, @ $12.50 + shipping  image The Story of the Old Stone Church

Our Heritage, A history of Old St Andrew's The Stone Church at Martintown, by Jean McCuaig MacIntosh, SC, 66 p., 1 copy, $12.50 + shipping  image Our Heritage, A history of Old St Andrew's The Stone Church at Martintown

---- St Catherine of Sienna Parish 1894-1994, Greenfield , Ontario, SC, 90 p,  2 copies @ $15.00 with shipping  image St Catherine of Sienna Parish 1894-1994

---- St Columba Presbyterian Church, KirkHill, Ontario, The Honour Roll of World War 11,  by Marion MacMaster, 1988, 44 p., SC, 1 copy  $12.50 + shipping  image 

---- St Columban's 150 Anniversary Cornwall, Ont, 1979, SC, 2 copies @  $12.00 + shipping  image  St Columban's 150 Anniversary
St Finnan's Parish 1833 1983, Parish history, Alexandria, Ontario SC, by Eugene MacDonald, 36 p., 1 copy, $12.00 + shipping  image

The St Lawrence River, Historical, Legendary, Picturesque, by George W Browne, MCMV, HC with jacket, 365 pages, with some photos

---- St St Margaret of Scotland Parish 1882-1982, Glen Nevis Ontario, SC, parish history, 1982, 2 copis @ $15.00 + shipping  image

---- St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Maxville, Ontario 1959-1984, SC, 12 p 1 copy $6.50 + shipping  image

---- St Raphael's -- Dedication of the New Parish Church and Centre, 1973, SC, 2 copies @ $10.50 with shipping  image St Raphael's -- Dedication of the New Parish Church and Centre, 1973 

St Regis Catholic Church,  History of the by Rosemary T and Darren Bonaparte, SC, with photos, 1998, about 100 pages, 1 copy  $22.00 with shipping  image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/611834555576578/?type=3&theater

---- Golden Jubilee of St Lawrence Chapel/Jubile d'Or Saint Laurent, Curry Hill Aug 20 1961, SC, with photos, 52 p, 1 copy , $10.00 + shipping  image Golden Jubilee of St Lawrence Chapel/Jubile d'Or Saint Laurent

The Schools of the Glens, by Marion MacMaster, Editor, 1992, ISBN 0969582405, HC, with lots of photo, 425 pages,  image  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334&type=3

---- John Strachan comes to Cornwall 1803-1812, SC 1976, 57 p, by Dorothy J Phelps, 2 copies, @ $7.50 each  with shipping  image

The Scotch, SC, by John Kenneth Galbraith, 1963, 150 pages, 1 copy $8.75 with shipping

Scotland Farewell, The People of the Hector, by Donald McKay, SC, 1980, ISBN 0075485060, 230 pages, some charts.

The Seaway Story, Charlton Mabee, 1961, HC, 315 pages with some sketches & photos, 

The 78th Fighting Fraser, SC, 1966, by Col. J R harper, autographed, 100 pages, some charts & illustrations,  image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/350505961709440/?type=3&theater

The Slopes of the Andes, 1990, SC, by Royce MacGillivaray, 190 pages, Four Essays on the Rural Myth in Ontario, image https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/395485567211479/?type=3&theater

The Slopes of the Andes, 1990, HC, with jacket, by Royce MacGillivaray, 192 pages, Four Essays on the Rural Myth in Ontario, autographed, ISBN 092134144X

Stormont Dundas and Glengarry 1945-1978, by Clive and Frances Marin, 1982, HC with jacket,  autographed, ISBN 0919303633, 643 pages with photos,

The Story of Vankleek Hill and its Environs, SC, By Alan D MacKinnon, 1979, ISBN 0919303331, 345 pages, with photos,

Those Grey Stone Walls, by Rose Gourlay Gosse, 1982, SC, 140 pages, a selection of stories

The Tower and the Town by Grace Campbell, 1950, HC with jacket, 45 pages,   image  https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/336959866397383/?type=3&theater

A time For Smiling,  Selection of Poems by Jean Baker Dawson, SC, 1984, 75 pages, image https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/422082421218460/?type=3&theater 

To Make a House a Home. The Story of Ingleside, SC, 1975 by Jean C Jeacle, SC, 38 pages, illustrated, has photos

Up and Down the Glens, the Story of Glengarry, by Dorothy Dumbrille, 1954, HC, 140 pages, illustrated, no jacket, image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/347873891972647/?type=3&theater  

---- Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute 1890-1990, illustrated,  1 copy available $20.00 + shipping SC, image Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute 1890-1990

Watch the Sun Rise, a collection of Poems, by Dorothy Dumbrille, 1943, HC, 37 pages, 1 copy autographed, some illustrations, 2 copies  1 with dust jacket, 1 with no dust jacket, image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/347873761972660/?type=3&theater

----The Weir Sept of Lochiel, by George D. Weir, 1989 of Stephens City, Virginia, SC., 84 p, more info http://www.glengarrycounty.com/weirbk.html 

The Western Isles today, Changing Cultures, 1980, by Judith Ennew, SC, 48 pages, some illustrations & photos

The William Hamel [Amell] Family, descendants of Jean Hamel 1634, by Anna Pearl Amell, 1981, SC, 50 pages, 2 copies

---- Williamstown High School, A History by Ewan Ross and G I Douglas Cameron, SC, 1978, 8.5x11, 40 p, image 
2 copies available  @ $12.50 with shipping Williamstown High School, A History

Yesterday and Today, a study of the houses and residents of Williamstown 1784-1984, SC, compiled by thee History bStudents of Char Lan High 1983-84, 122 pages, with photos.  image

Titles Sold

---- Apple Hill 1882-1982, 100 Years of Good Will, by centennial committe $25.00 + shipping  image https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/367991756627527/?type=3&theater   Sold

---- Bibliography of Glengarry County by Royce MacGillivray, HC, 1996  ISBN 0968071104, $69.00 + shipping of $13.00 image Bibliography of Glengarry County    SOLD 11/25/15
Table of Contents

---- Historical Sketch of Kenyon Presbyterian Church Dunvegan, 1993 by Rev Donald N MacMillan, SC,  $25.00 + shipping  image    SOLD 6/6/215 https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/368954799864556/?type=3&theater

Chalkdust in My Blood, by Dorothy Morgan, SC, 1984, ISBN 0919806031, 155 pages, 2 copies available @$ 9.50 shipping included, image   https://www.facebook.com/GlengarryCountyAreaBooks/photos/a.331545886938781.77059.331057023654334/514406751986026/?type=3&theater   see also  http://usednewglengarryareabooks.blogspot.ca/2013/09/the-kings-royal-regiment-of-new-york.html

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