Saturday, 31 October 2015

Glengarry Highland Games Program back issues

The Glengarry Highland Games Program back issues

Glengarry Highland Games One of the Worlds Largest Annual Scottish Gathering every year since 1948 in Maxville, Ontario

We have  number of back issues of the Glengarry Highland Games program [12 issues - 27 copies] between 1977 and 1994 as follows

Glengarry Highland Grames Program

Year Annual No of copies Cover Tartan   # of Pages

1994 47th 1 Kennedy           80
1993 46th 1 Red Robertson     82
1990 43rd 1 MacBain           76
1989 42nd 3 Grant           80
1988 41st 1                         MacEwen old      74
1984 37th 2 Ancient Munro      74
1983 36th 3 Red MavcFarlane  72
1982 35th 4 Dress Campbell    72
1981 34th 3 Buchanan             60
1980 33rd 4 Nova Scotia                52
1979 32nd 3 Hunting MacLeod old   48
1977 30th 1 maybe Red Stewart   40    

Cost $6.00 each + shipping  Will require shipping address to determine shipping costs.
Contact Alex for payment options

number of pages per issue vary from about 40 for the 1977 program  to 82 for the 1993 program
on the whole all issues are in good condition and no pages missing. A couple have fraid corners.

Each issue has a different plaid cover as the above photos show.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
1-866 517 2113

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Friday, 9 October 2015

The Trail of the Poppies!

A new booklet from the Dalkeith historical Society On The Trail of the Poppies

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A new booklet from the Dalkeith historical Society On The Trail of the Poppies-- honouring Our Own" AWW1 Triobute- more info contact the DHS at Cost per copy $10.00 plus shipping
Content Page heading
Glengarry For Ever p.3
Joining the Colours p.6
Down on the Farm & a Few Names p.11
The 154th Battalion p.12
Recruitment - Patriotic Rallies p.14
War Notes from All Over p.24
Peace Came Finally p.32
The Glengarry Cenotaph p.33
Military Cross Recipients p.33
Glengarry Dans L’est Ontraien p.34
Dalkeith, Local & WW2 Soldiers p.36
Your Destination is Dalkeith p.38
A few Words from DHS, Credits & Thanks you Notes p.39

Enjoy the journey

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Alex W Fraser
Courtney, BC  10/9/15